Dean creates a love triangle between he, Kristina, and Danielle L., Lacy can’t catch a break, and Demario gets emotional while telling his side of the BIP controversy.

Corrine has been quiet over the past few months since the controversy emerged. She finally came out of hiding yesterday at the launch of Showpo. I was there for Access Hollywood to interview the tight lipped reality star.

BIP’s Jasmine Goode joins producer Anna, my sister, Lauren, and me for Access Hollywood’s Facebook Live on Tuesday morning. Did Dean mess up? Why is every guy after Raven, but no one is after Alexis? How thirsty are Ben Z. and Alex? Talking about it all!

The Bachelor In Paradise: The Morning AfterAshley Iaconetti joins us to breakdown all the Bachelor in Paradise drama between Dean and Christina! Plus, Alex being SUPER embarrassing. And why do all the boys want Raven?!

Posted by Access Hollywood on Tuesday, August 22, 2017

My sister, Lauren, joins me for the second straight day this week on Access Hollywood’s FB Live. We discuss why I’m still not keen on Demario and how insensitive I thought Taylor was with Lacy.

‘Bachelor In Paradise’: The Morning AfterAshley and Lauren Iaconetti are back to breakdown all of the drama from Bachelor in Paradise from Lacey’s epic breakdown to DeMario getting emotional with Chris Harrison.

Posted by Access Hollywood on Wednesday, August 23, 2017

In this week’s Cosmopolitan recap I discuss Dean’s horrible mistake with half birthday cake, how weird it is to have your friends dating the guy you like, AND the thing Demario and I really feel each other on.


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