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BIP Style Recap: Week 1

I may cry a lot but at least I’m dressed well when I do. If I don’t define nightmare dressed like a daydream, no one does. Here’s my first of my we[...]
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Forget Kylie's Lip Kit…

Ok, I do like Kylie’s lip kit. I have the True Brown K. How, you ask?! I added it my online shopping cart the actual second that they first went on sale. I got[...]
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Faking Implants

It’s so funny. Whenever I wear my Victoria’s Secret Bombshell push-up bra, which adds two cup sizes, everybody thinks I got breast implants. Nope, just a[...]
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The Care & Keeping of My Hair

A couple of months ago haircare line Pura d’or sent me bottles of shampoo and conditioner after seeing my blog post about thin hair. I liked everything the lab[...]
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PoP! Goes My Heart

“I said I wasn’t gonna lose my head But then pop! Goes my heart” Remember that song Hugh Grant sings in Music and Lyrics? Well, I thought it was fittin[...]
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Lashed By Lashley

My eyelashes became somewhat infamous during Chris Soules season of the Bachelor. Perhaps my constant crying brought attention to my lashes. They’re lash exten[...]
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