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Bachelor Winter Games Style

Ok, yeah, I know it’s like three months late, but I still wanted to list where I got some of my favorite Bachelor Winter Games outfits. I hate winter clothing.[...]
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BIP Style Recap: Week 1 & 2

My quest to be the ultimate nightmare dressed like a daydream continues. Here’s what I wore the past two weeks on Bachelor in Paradise, including that high wai[...]
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BIP Style Recap: Week 1

I may cry a lot but at least I’m dressed well when I do. If I don’t define nightmare dressed like a daydream, no one does. Here’s my first of my we[...]
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Bachelor in…Paradise? Week 1

Yeah, not completely sold that having to sleep in 90 degree weather while being eaten alive by bugs as I dehydrate myself through my eyes should be considered Paradi[...]
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