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Kylie Cosmetics Fall Collection

Access Hollywood thought Lauren and I would be good models for testing out Kylie Cosmetics fall line because we love Kyizzle. The new collection includes some wild p[...]
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Forget Kylie's Lip Kit…

Ok, I do like Kylie’s lip kit. I have the True Brown K. How, you ask?! I added it my online shopping cart the actual second that they first went on sale. I got[...]
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Not So Crazy #LipChallenge

I’m no stranger to lip injections. While I’ve never gotten them, I’ve watched my sister pump her lips since she was 20 and recently my best friend[...]
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Royal Crowning: Kylie Jenner

I was waiting for some unknown, right time to dedicate a Royal Crowning to Kylie. This week it felt right. The Jenners are totally the new Kardashians. And Kylie adm[...]
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It’s no secret to anyone who knows me (or just sees me, actually) that “my look” is heavily influenced by Kim Kardashian and the whole Kardashian/J[...]
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Yes, My Eyelashes Are Mine…

I bought them, therefore, I own them, therefore they are my lashes. Did I grow these gorgeous lashes naturally, no…no I didn’t. I am addicted for life to[...]
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