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My 2018 Skincare Routine

I’ve done a couple of skincare routine posts since creating this blog in 2014, but skincare is a form of technology…it’s always changing and advanc[...]
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Skincare Live Stream: Part 1

Heyy yooo! is a new streaming platform which creates a more interactive experience for hosts and their audiences. For example, I can conduct live polls, d[...]
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My Skin Was Lookin' Fleek…

So, of course, I was like, yay! Let’s add something into the already seven-hundred (exaggeration) step regimen! Deep in your conscious you always know this is[...]
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From Boulders to Beautiful

Whenever someone compliments my skin, I get flashbacks to my cystic acne days…the days that I felt insecure leaving my house because I had hard-marble like cy[...]
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Get Glow

Mi chica Megan Bell added a second video to her new makeup channel “Makeup with Megan.” In this episode, she reveals how to get that healthy glow and t[...]
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