In Episode 4 (Season 2) of the Almost Famous podcast, Ben and I get to know “The Tickler” in our segment “Who The Heck Are You?” We also talk about virgin shaming. On Bachelor in Paradise, Jasmine made it seem that because Christen is a virgin she is less desirable to date than the non-virgin ladies. It hits close to home for me as it’s not the first time comments like this have been made on Paradise. We also question whether or not calling a girl “scallop fingers” behind her back constitute as bullying. Christen is having it rough, and in addition, she’s got Tickler and Jack Stone after her.

Of course, it wouldn’t be an episode of the Almost Famous podcast without talking about the Kristina, Dean, and DLo love triangle. This week Dean hooked up with Danielle in front of Kristina in the pool. It was painful to watch.

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