The morning we recorded this episode I woke up to the news that 59 people died in Vegas at the Route 91 concert. When I went to bed the night before there was two people confirmed dead. Let’s just say, we weren’t in the mood to joyfully talk about The Bachelor franchise. Emily and Haley Ferguson were both at the country music festival earlier in the weekend, but thank God not during Jason Aldean’s set. We have the Vegas natives on episode 3 (season 3) of the Almost Famous podcast to get the word out about what Vegas residents and the country can do to help the victims and their families. We transition into telling stories about about our iHeart Festival weekend in Vegas just days earlier. Wells Adams is on the podcast for comic relief describes how it was clubbing with Peter, Dean, and me. AND then we give our personal kissing tips because Wells is such an expert…

We also have Carly Waddell and Erica Rose on the podcast talking about (soccer) mom life!

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