I get to meet one of my Bachelor faves on episode 8 (season 3) of the Almost Famous podcast! Courtney Robertson! Her book helped educate me on the whole Bachelor process before I jumped into it. I always thought she was totally misrepresented and hilarious. She tells Ben and me about her best guy friend, former flame, and current Bachelor, Arie. She reveals that as supportive as she is of him, she probably won’t want to watch him date other women on TV. Courtney talks about Arie’s kissing skills, how this will change their relationship, and her past relationships with Jesse Metcalfe and Adrian Grenier.

In addition to this, we have Jade Tolbert on to talk about motherhood, Tanner as a father and Bachelor encyclopedia, and what her body has been craving since Emmy has been born. We do a “Who the Heck Are You?” segment with Producer Amy Sugarman so you get to know just how awesome she is…She is so awesome she makes a call trying to set me up with one of my celebrity crushes on air…Plus! The scoop on Wells & Sarah Hyland and Chris Harrison & Jennifer Garner?!

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