I hated the thought of people of coming up with their own theories as to why Kevin and I broke up. I didn’t want anyone to be blamed or villainized. After watching my dating life evolve over the past couple of years, wouldn’t it be weird for me not to share the reasoning behind the breakup? I like being as honest, open, and vulnerable as possible to encourage people to do the same in their relationships. I like having a communicative relationship with Bachelor Nation.  All this being said, I decided to have Kevin is on episode 12 (season 4) of the Almost Famous podcast so we could both speak about the reasoning behind ending our romantic relationship.

After that discussion, Nick Viall comes on to vent about the challenge of sustaining a Bachelor relationship in real life. He and Ben (surprisingly) throw some shade towards Sean Lowe for advice or lack therefore he gave. Nick sticks around to answer listener emails. The email that intrigues us the most is about a woman in a long term relationship that has a life-altering crush on a co-worker.

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