It takes a lot of overcompensating when Ben Higgins isn’t sitting in his host seat, so we rolled in some v important guests for episode 9 (season 4). We have the “villainous” Krystal, poised Seinne, and the only Bachelor to marry the girl he proposed to in the finale, Sean Lowe.

After talking with Krystal for the second time, I find it hard to villainize her. She explains the difference in her voice, truly losing interest in Arie during the bowling date, her closest Bachelor family friend, and her interest in Peter Kraus.

Seinne joins me to chat about the chemistry between the girls in Arie’s Bachelor mansion, group showers, and relationship advice. I didn’t ask Seinne about dating Ben, like so many people asked, because she and I already discussed with in my Access interview with her. She said she’d happily go on a date with Ben off camera.

Sean Lowe explains why he thinks The Bachelorette has more success stories than The Bachelor. He hasn’t been watching his friend Arie’s season, however he has some ideas as to what may happen in the end. He reveals that his pregnant wife, Catherine, rocks at carrying children, and how they plan to tell the kids how they met one day.

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