Dean and Lesley broke up. Clare and Benoit broke up. Arie and Lauren are pushing for a summer, televised wedding. We had a lot to talk about in Episode 3 (Season 5) and we’re fortunate to have former Bachelorette (a title that she likes being in the past tense) Rachel Lindsey to discuss it all with us.

Rachel describes life in Dallas with fiancee, Bryan. He’s just about to join a new chiropractic practice and she’s still working at her law firm part time. She talks about merging her love for the law and sports into a new career path. Rachel lets us in on who she wants to perform at their wedding, whether she’ll take Bryan’s last name, and if she wants the ceremony on TV.

Later, Sarah Herron comes on the podcast to talk about her boyfriend of one year and her SheLift foundation. An episode wouldn’t be complete without “Ben Bitches.” In this week’s segment, Ben complains about “one uppers.” Listen to find out what I find myself “one upping” people about.

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