Ben and I continue to discover and meet successful relationships of Bachelor’s seasons past on episode 5 (season 5). This week it’s HGTV hosts Chris and Peyton Lambton. He was on Ali’s season and Peyton was on Andy Baldwin’s season, but they met off screen through Bachelorette alum Jesse Beck. They transform homes on HGTV and I check the Internet to make sure my home isn’t haunted. You like that transition? Ben and I discuss the feelings associated with people dying in our homes. Creepy or sweet? Ben thinks it’s endearing…

We catch up with Derek Peth almost a year after meeting his fiancee Taylor Nolan on Bachelor in Paradise. Does she psychoanalyze Derek like she did contestants on Nick Viall’s season? He explains how they’re able to keep their relationship strong while living on opposite coasts. We have Tenley Molzhan call in as she prepares for her weekend wedding and how the Bachelor lead her to her husband.  Ben and I wrap up the show with Jared who speaks about his time in Bachelor in Paradise Australia.

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