Episode 3 (Season 6) of the Almost Famous podcast recaps the episode of The Bachelorette in which David falls out of his bunk bed. I describe how high the bunks in the Bachelor Mansion are and the type of floor he broke his nose on. Michelle Money weighs in on this injury since she once woke up on The Bachelor with an unexplained black eye. Michelle, a Bachelor history icon, discusses what she’s currently working on to boost women’s self esteem. Kristina Schulman fills in for Ben, who is down in Mexico making a cameo on Paradise. She opens up about her childhood in an orphanage and how blessed she feels to be able to use a toilet. This comes up because Bachelorette contestant Lincoln is rumored to poop on the floor. I also do a dramatic reading of model Jordan’s group date monologue. Just based on this episode description, you can probably tell Ben wasn’t there to keep the order. 

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