This might not be our most pleasantly sounding podcast, because we’re both on the phone, but there was just so much Bachelor Nation news this week we had to do an emergency podcast session! First up on episode 1 (season 8) Kendall is on to talk about her boyfriend Joe’s new stint on Dancing with the Stars and her friend Baby Bekah’s pregnancy.

Then, we talk about Jordan and Jenna’s short lived engagement. While not all the facts our checked yet according to Jenna, it’s rumored that she was talking to another man while planning a wedding with Jordan. Not only that, but she was talking shit about Jordan to that man and claiming to be in a business showmance with the male model, not a legitimate romance. We speak to a relationship expert from Mend, an app to help you get over breakups. She advises Jordan on what to do to get over this huge hit to his heart.

To complete the Chicken Nugget series, we get David on the line and joke about his role in the Jenna and Jordan drama. To wrap the episode, Ben and I discuss Amanda Stanton’s recent Vegas arrest and chat with my favorite Disney Channel Original movie star, Riley Smith.

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