Episode 28: I Don’t Get Why Guys Are Staying Single Longer – While a little emotional and feeling forever alone at Carly and Evan’s magical, romantic wedding, Chris “Cupcake” Strandburg randomly asked me if I was into older guys. I told him I couldn’t really imagine being interested in any one over 35-years-old. I’ve always been a mix of ovely mature and overly immature depending on which department in life we’re talking about. In the lifestyle, responsibility, and knowing myself department I’m mature. In the romantic relationships, I’m immature obviously, but mostly lacking experience. I tend to relate to guys within three years of my own age. Well, he told me I wasn’t going to have a lot of luck in getting to relationship with a guy in that age range. Successful, attractive men he said don’t want settle down until 40-years-old. I find his theory sad, but I thought it was interesting to hear, so I had Dr. Cupcake on the podcast to share his thoughts on modern marriage and dating with the I Don’t Get It listeners. Let me know all your thoughts. Tweet at us at @jnazperez @ashleyiaco & @laurenai.

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