Episode 35: Jade & Tanner Tolbert Are Parents! – Jade & Tanner’s baby, Emmy, has had such an affect on me. I was there when her parents met, got married, and I even planned the vacation in which they conceived! HAHA! She’s the most gorgeous baby I’ve ever seen. I can’t stop looking photos of her. Ever since their wedding, I’ve said if I had to be born to parents other than my own, I’d want to be Jade and Tanner’s kid.

I’m thrilled that the I Don’t Get It podcast was the first show Jade and Tanner told the story of Emmy’s birthday on. During this episode, you’ll hear everything from when Jade’s water broke and Tanner told her to go take a bath and “eat something” to drug-free labor to how Jade felt finally holding Emmy in her arms.

My favorite quote from this podcast episode is, “I don’t even eat lettuce, I’m not eating your damn placenta.” That’s just a taste of how detailed and real the story you’re about to listen to is.

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