Episode 38: Why Do People Cheat & the 80/20 Rule – We’ve been getting a lot of requests to do a podcast about why people are driven to cheat in relationships. I wasn’t convinced this would be interesting, because I’ve always thought, duh, people cheat because they’re bored, not with the right person, and not getting their emotional and/or physical needs met with the person they’re with. We have celebrity psychotherapist Dr. Mike Dow on the podcast to explain that it’s not that simple. He describes how a person’s brain chemistry can affect their tendency to cheat. Dr. Mike answers basically any question you could possibly have on this matter during this podcast and if he doesn’t, well, book an appointment with him or tweet him at @DoctorMikeDow.

Then we have my beloved, Dean Unglert on the pod to give his opinion on what is referred to as the 80/20 rule. I think it’s more of a theory, than a rule personally. The theory suggests that when someone cheats it’s because they’re missing 20% of satisfaction from their partner, whether it’s sex, mystery, laughter, etc.

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