Episodes 38 & 39: Mr. Big and Unrequited Love Parts 1 & 2  – All of you Sex and the City fans know the Mr. Big character. He’s the guy you’d dump any other for, he’s always in the back of your mind when your crushing on someone new, he’s a chronic “breadcrumber,” you know you mean something to him, but it never seems like it’s enough for true commitment. Naz, my other best friend Lizzie Sharkey, and I have current, clear cut “Bigs” in our lives, or, er, in our minds. Lauren’s has actually closed the book on her Big.

We discuss the emotional pain we feel and the high we get off of loving these men. Things are so great in their presence, but when we go home and it’s like the magic is gone on their end. We sit stressing about when and what to text them and if all of this anxiety will ever pay off and our Bigs will love us back.

In Part 2, we invite I Don’t Get It listeners to tell their Big stories. There’s one girl is so happy she didn’t end up with her Big, one girl wasted decades pining for her Big, and one girl has her Big committed…for now.

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