Episode 41: The Real Housewife’s Advice w/ Siggy Flicker – Siggy is now known for being one of the five New Jersey housewives on Bravo, but prior to the show, she was a relationship expert and matchmaker in Manhattan. My mom says I got a little riled up during this interview because something struck a cord with me. She even said that I need to listen to the advice given in my own podcast again. Siggy suggested that 1) I date guys at least seven years older than me and 2) I go on at least one first date a week until I find someone I’m seriously considering being exclusive with. Um, can you talk about socially exhausting?! She said that us single girls in our upper twenties need to carve out a part of our lives to dating and put effort into finding our husband…if finding a life partner is important to you. Siggy said Naz and I can’t use the “I’m too busy” to date excuse in our prime.

Siggy dishes out this advice and more along with telling us about finding her love and relationships with the other Real Housewives of New Jersey.

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