Episode 47: Taylor Swift’s Reputation – I think we could have discussed this album and the importance of Taylor’s lyrics and persona in the millennial age for hours more. We have Taylor Swift expert and superfan, Oscar Gracey of Access Hollywood joins us. We discuss Taylor’s edgier new sound, who the lyrics are about, and the stories behind the songs. Oscar fills us in on details of her feuds with ex Calvin Harris, Katy Perry, and Kayne and how they play a role in her new music and image. Plus, Oscar tells about how Taylor picked Tom Hiddleston as her rebound and serious current boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, as her love at the Met Gala in 2016.

We chat about her haters and those whom argue that Taylor’s music isn’t culturally relevant. We aren’t going to force you to love Taylor, but we hope that if you’re not a fan before listening to this podcast you finish it with a bit of respect for the pop icon.

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