Episode 61: Statistics on Singles In America – Dr. Helen Fisher does a yearly study for Match investigating singles in America. How are they meeting? How often are they doing it? How are they forming relationships? She finds it all out.

Millennials have a reputation for hooking up and not committing, but the stats show 80% hope to marry one day. Many of her findings will comfort you if you’re a relationship minded girl (or boy!). We may be marrying later, but we’re having healthier, more successful marriages. The majority of millennial couples considered each other friends before they became lovers.

There are some head scratching stats, like having a Hulu or Netflix account then your chances of having an orgasm are 4% higher! People with cable have more sex! Also 1 in 4 singles would have sex with a robot, but one half would consider it cheating.

In this I Don’t Get It podcast episode, we try to explain why these stats are the way they are in today’s dating culture with Dr. Fisher.

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