Episode 76: Jared & Ashley Reveal All! – Jared may be the reason I have the I Don’t Get It podcast. I said, “I don’t get it” so many times in reference to our relationship that we started a podcast inspired by the confusion. Jared is our most special guest on this episode.

Lauren and Naz were there the first day Jared and I met. They may be the only two people who know The Story of Us just as well as he and I do. Lauren and Naz give their perspectives on our romance and tell stories of the two of us you haven’t heard before. Naz was one of the first people Jared revealed that he had feelings for me to. She talks about that memorable night they went to the movies in December. Lauren discusses when she knew Jared would be her brother-in-law and when she gave him her “endorsement.”

Jared and I debate whether or not he should be considered my “Big” and play The Newlywed Game: The Newly Dating Edition.

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