Episode 77: Anxiety & Depression – How do you know if you’re just nervous or if you have anxiety? How do you know if you’re sad or if you have depression? Dr. Mike Dow is here to help clarify these terms and state of minds. I’ve always wondered the difference between heartbreak, mourning, and depression. Dr. Mike explains that if you’re genetically prone to depression, heartbreak and mourning can lead to the chemical imbalance.

I open up about my OCD tendencies. I have to touch door knobs five times or I’ll convince myself someone in my family will die amongst other things. I complain about the side effects of my anti-anxiety medication and how angsty I feel without it. Dr. Mike discusses what’s going on in your brain chemically when you have anxiety or depression. He discusses natural coping mechanisms and advancements in the treatment of the disorders. Plus, Dr. Mike answers listeners’ questions on the topic.

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