Episode 87: Engagement Rings, Kissing on the Lips, and a Stream of Consciousness – The I Don’t Get It crew goes on a classic rant about stuff we don’t get…Is it weird or normal for families kissing on lips? Does pop music today suck or is it just us getting old? Are you grossed out by lipstick on a mug like we are? Why is it that only women wear engagement rings?

The best part of the podcast is when Lauren takes over for her own stream of consciousness segment. She discusses her insecurities pertaining to her lack of career path and watching her close friends reach goals and settle down. She feels behind on growing up and is still looking to find her place in this world. Basically, she’s having a quarter life crisis and is worried about her future and making our parents proud. It’s a really relatable, heart felt segment that will either feel less alone or reminisce on the confusing part of your 20s.

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