Episode 88: We Don’t Get Why Mom’s So Nervous Co-Hosting – Our mom was sweating while recording this episode. It was just Lauren and me in the room with her, but speaking to all of you on the podcast waves were just freaking her out. A lot of you said she was calming to listen to though!

Our mom may be shy, but she does her best to rant about her every day I Don’t Get Its. One of my biggest I Don’t Get Its about our mom is how weird she gets when we bring our parents engagement and wedding day. Just listen to her squirm! They’ve been happily married for 38 years but she gets so awkward talking about their start.

My favorite part of the podcast is when my mom shares that she had the same anxieties as I currently do in her early 30s. Hint: It’s about your perfectly settled life crashing down.

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