Episode 92 – Chats with the Author of He’s Just Not That Into You – We have the writer of what is basically the I Don’t Get It podcast’s New Testament, He’s Just Not That Into You, on the show! Greg Behrendt (along with his wife, Amiira, and co-writer Liz Tuccillo) not only wrote one of the most talked about book of the 2000s, but also served as a consultant on Sex & the City…the I Don’t Get It podcast’s Old Testament. He describes on the podcast just how cool the role of consultant was on the show. He basically assisted the writer’s as a man code dictionary.

In addition to talking about all of his success in the self-help aisle of the bookstore and on HBO, Greg and his wife, Amiira speak about how to have a successful longterm relationship, how to never settle, and how you can figure out in the *millennial age* if he’s just not that into you. Like, what if a guy is texting you, liking your Instas, but never asking you out?! Hear Greg and Amiira’s insights on this below…

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