Episode 93: Life’s Not On Paper – Lauren and I hadn’t seen Naz for over two weeks until recording this episode. We wanted you guys to be part of our authentic catch-up. Naz had gone on dates with three different guys in this period of time! And even gone on multiple dates with two of them! I’m proud of her for sacrificing the nights she could have spent with Postmates and TV.

One of the guys she went out with couldn’t stop talking about money. Another guy got sick on a second date she didn’t even want to go on. You’ll have to listen to the podcast to find out what happened with the guy she actually liked…

In addition to all this, Lauren and I discuss the Haibon/Iaconetti family vacation, ponder why the fuck anyone would want to be a member of the mile high club, and try to convince Naz not to fold her pizza.

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