Welcome to the I Don’t Get It Holiday episodes!

Episode 54: All I Want For Christmas Is You – From the *NSYNC Christmas album to The Santa Claus to romantic fireside daydreams…we are discussing all that makes this season bright. Lauren and I discuss how our parents tricked us into believing in Santa past the time we should and how cranky Lauren would get while opening presents as a kid. Plus, holiday season “I Don’t Get Its” like Love Actually and Starbucks cups. Sorry, Starbucks lovers…

Episode 55:  We Hate New Year’s Eve – Does anyone actually look forward to NYE? The pressure to have plans is stupid. My resolution last year was to stay in this year and that’s what I did. When you go out on NYE, it’s cold, it’s crowded, and your feet hurt. Nothing about that sounds appealing to me on December 31 (or any other night for that matter). We reminisce on our best and worst New Year’s Eves, including an the night that sparked a Jonas Brothers obsession. In addition to these memories, we discuss our favorite episodes throughout the first season of the I Don’t Get It podcast.

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