Episode 55: My Eyes! I Walked In On My Parents Having Sex! – I have a couple of friends who have mortifying stories of family members walking in on them getting it on. One of my best friend’s mom actually called 911 after her daughter butt dialed her during sex. She mistook the moaning as she was taped up and kidnapped…Yeaaahhh….Anyway…So stories like that one inspired me to ask the I Don’t Get It listeners to send in their awkward family walk ins.

We received a ton of emails that were laugh out loud funny and embarrassing. I got way too much enjoyment out of all of your horrifying moments. We compiled the most jaw dropping stories and shared them on this podcast. You may not want to listen at your desk at work. You will truly be LOL-ing. If you learn anything from this podcast, let it be the importance of locking your doors!

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