Episode 57: Calling Our Crushes – Okkkk, soooo, Naz and I inflicted discomfort on ourselves. Many of our listeners have been vulnerable with us, from sharing their sex stories to confronting the guys who ghosted them on our podcast. We thought it was now our turn to do something nerve wracking. I came up with the nutso idea to call guys who we used to have crushes on and admit our feelings for them live on the podcast.

These aren’t guys who we’ve made out with or gone on dates with. They’re two guys who we liked back in school who we flirted with a bit, but never really made moves on. We also haven’t spoken to these guys in over four years until now! This podcast was about being gutsy, owning your feelings, and becoming a braver, more vocal version of ourselves. It’s cringe-y and it’s anxiety provoking, but it’s also such an entertaining episode. I can’t wait for you guys to hear these guys’ reactions to our professions of admiration.

P.S. My grad school crush, Trevor, is circled in the photo above.

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