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Almost Famous: In-Depth Episodes with Hannah Brown & Kaitlyn Bristowe

Almost Famous: In-Depth Episodes with Hannah Brown & Kaitlyn Bristowe

In episode 3 of the in-depth series, I sit down with Kaitlyn Bristowe for almost two hours of girl talk. We discuss how she imagines her wedding to look like one day, if she thinks it’ll be with Jason Tartick, and how she’s cool taking her time to get there. We talk why she froze her eggs while engaged. Kaitlyn reveals when she started to feel like she and Shawn Boothe weren’t going to work out and the timeline in which she started talking to Jason. I ask her if she were to meet Shawn in “real life” and not on The Bachelorette, if she thinks their relationship would have lasted. The answer is interesting. Kaitlyn also explains how Nick Viall affected their relationship long after the show wrapped and how she recently needed to call him to clear the air. From a biased point of view, I don’t think there’s a boring moment in this long episode.

In episode 4 of the in-depth series, I get to chat with my girl crush, Miss Hannah Brown. My first question to her is if she’s the girl I’ve always imagined her to be. Is she that girl who wasn’t smooth with crushes who would practically hide when she saw them walking her way? This leads to our conversation about being extroverted introverts. Perhaps more than any other lead, she needed production to make time for her emotional needs. She explains how she created a routine of quiet time and confessional interviews. Hannah lets us into her soul when she discusses learning to embrace and express her true self after a youth of pageantry. The current Bachelorette also clarifies why no one is offering her their jacket when she’s cold at cocktail parties.

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