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Almost Famous Podcast Fall Episodes (Bachelor Off-Season)

Almost Famous Podcast Fall Episodes (Bachelor Off-Season)

Almost Famous Podcast Episodes Ranging from September 20, 2019 – January 6, 2020

Release Date: 9/20/19

iHeart Synopsis: Ben and Ashley are live from Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas for the iHeartRadio Music Festival! Ben and Ashley have a big announcement. You’ve asked for it…and it’s happening. They reveal their first LIVE SHOW location. We’re getting caught up with all our friends now that they’re back from Paradise. Caelynn tells us what Dean did to sweep her off her feet and we hear about the CRAZY connection she and Ashley have from a time before the Bachelor. Dean opens up about what helped him finally commit to Caelynn and he tells a hilarious story about the life changing advice he gave Ben. Derek Peth clears up his dramatic conversation with John Paul Jones. And we ask Mike Johnson about his famous new love connection! And Mike has some unresolved issues with our own Ashley I.

Release Date: 9/29/19

iHeart Synopsis: Ben and Ashley go IN DEPTH with Bachelorette and Bachelor In Paradise star Mike Johnson for an unbelievably honest and intense episodes We dive deep into the emotionally challenging moments that made Mike the man he is today and he shares extremely personal stories that no one has heard before. Find out Mike’s real reaction to being passed over as the Bachelor and what this decision means for the franchise in terms of representation and impact. And we address the elephant(S) in the room: Mike confronts Ashley about some comments she made about him…and then they discuss a certain superstar artist.

Release Date: 10/7/19

iHeart Synopsis: Kaitlyn Bristowe & Jason Tartick stop by with their friend, country artist Brett Kissel. They all made a music video together and we hear a hysterical story about a fight they got into on set! And Kaitlyn & Jason let us in on a HUGE milestone they reached in their relationship.   And now that she’s back from Paradise, we hang with Whitney Fransway! We find out if she’ll do Paradise again and she shares the CRAZY connection she has to JoJo from way before The Bachelor. Plus we do a full update on Bachelor Nation news, including the developments in Tyler C’s dating life.

Release Date: 10/14/19

iHeart Synopsis: Almost Famous has a guest, E I E I O. We’re hanging out with Old Matt Donald, and he’s got tea to spill! He clears up some confusion from his time on Bachelor in Paradise and we get the real story of why he brought up his mom during THAT kiss. Plus we break down the drama between Rachel and Raven!

Release Date: 10/13/19

iHeart Synopsis: Ben and Ashley are reunited after Ben’s Honduras trip and there’s a TON of Bachelor Nation news to get caught up on. We try to figure out the feud between Rachel and Raven and we break down how Colton got involved! Mike Johnson and Demi Lovato are no more… and is the Almost Famous podcast to blame?? And we talk about Vienna’s heartbreaking story behind her plastic surgery.

Release Date: 10/29/19

iHeart Synopsis: When it comes to Dean Unglert, we haven’t even scratched the surface of what made him who he is today. On this episode of In Depth, Ben sits down with Dean to explore the stories you’ve never heard before… from the funny to the traumatic.  Dean opens up about his relationships, his sexuality, and we hear the intimate story that connects Ben and Dean on an entirely new level.

Release Date: 11/3/19

iHeart Synopsis: We’re in Napa for the Live in the Vineyard and Bachelor Nation came for the trip! Cassie gives us an update on how things are going almost a year in with Colton and we hear about what it was like making the music video for “Famous” by Adam Doleac together. Katie Morton opens up about her relationship with Chris Bukowski and lets us in on aspects of their relationship that we’ve never heard before. Plus, Grocery Store Joe and Kendall Long tell us about a brand new, safe and transparent way to date, the Seen dating app. They are part-owners of the app.

Release Date: 11/11/19

iHeart Synopsis: Ashley is hanging out with one of our favorite Bachelor in Paradise success stories: Chris and Krystal! They open up about their first time in the “boom boom room” and we hear Krystal’s honest thoughts on what happened with Demi’s break up with Kristian. We revisit Bachelor history with Vienna Girardi the “winner” from Jake Pavelka’s season. She gets raw and honest about her miscarriage and has some amazing advice to anyone that has struggled with infertility. Finally, we speak with American Idol winner Maddie Poppe about how she knew her boyfriend Caleb was “the one” and what it was like dating while on Idol.

Release Date: 11/18/19

iHeart Synopsis: Bachelor in Paradise alum, Sydney Lotuaco is here with Ben to help break down all the news going on in Bachelor Nation. Special guest former Bachelorette Becca Kufrin joins in too! We discuss Carly and Evan’s newborn, Nick and Demi potentially dating, and Colton & Cassie living separately but following each other on “Find My Friends”.  Plus Ben opens up about a conversation with Jess about getting married and starting a family!

Release Date: 12/2/19

iHeart Synopsis: Does the food get eaten on dates ever? Does the lead ever fly with the cast? How do the bedrooms work in the mansion? All your questions about the cast’s lifestyle while filming the Bachelor franchise shows.

Release Date: 12/9/19

iHeart Synopsis: Taylor Nolan is here with us! She opens up about her engagement to Derek Peth, like how she never actually said yes when Derek proposed. Taylor speaks about how she never expects to be completely monogamous. Plus! She helps us break down all the hot topics in Bachelor Nation this week, including what happened with Kristian and Demi at Jingle Ball and Dean’s thoughts on marrying Caelynn in the future. Dr. Jannette joins us to explain about JP (Bachelorette Ashley Hebert’s husband) and his potentially life threatening illness

Release Date: 12/17/19

iHeart Synopsis: The debut of Peter’s season of The Bachelor is almost here and we have your preview of the girls vying for his heart!  We spill our initial reactions and our guesses to who the villain is and who might go all the way. Plus, we break down all the news in the world of Bachelor, including Chris Harrison’s cryptic advice for Peter, Katie Morton and Chris B’s breakup, and Jason Mesnick’s season showing up on Netflix. Plus! We figure out what happens to the rings when a Bachelor engagement goes south!

Release Date: 12/21/19

iHeart Synopsis: Former Bachelor, Chris Soules, sits down with us for his first in-depth interview since the tragic events of 2017. The 19th Bachelor known as “Prince Farming” discusses the emotional turmoil and dark depression he’s experienced over the past two years. He opens up about his insecurities in his personal life and tells us what he hopes the future looks like for him. Chris shares memories from his time on both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette that you didn’t see on TV.


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