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Almost Famous Podcast: Summer 2020 Episodes – The Bachelor’s Greatest Seasons -EVER

Almost Famous Podcast: Summer 2020 Episodes – The Bachelor’s Greatest Seasons -EVER

Release Date: 6/8/20

iHeart Synopsis: Ben and Ashley bring Bekah Martinez on to the show to discuss her strong opinion Garrett Yrigoyen’s Thin Blue Line Instagram post. She shares her personal thoughts about the demonstrations and protests and we find out what Garrett meant when he said she “wasn’t invited over for dinner.” Plus, has she spoken to his fiancée, Becca Kufrin, since the argument began? And it’s the premiere of “The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons Ever.” The Bachelor’s golden boy, Sean Lowe, is up first. AshLee Fraizer and Sarah Herron come on the podcast to reminisce.

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Release Date: 6/15/20

iHeart Synopsis: Mike Johnson speaks for the first time about the announcement of Matt James as the first Black Bachelor. He shares his honest thoughts about being passed over as The Bachelor yet again and what he thinks this decision means for the franchise. Plus! We have Rachel Lindsay and Hannah Brown’s reaction to the news. We relive Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season on The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons Ever and talk to some of her standout guys. We hang with Ben Zorn, Chris “Cupcake” Strandburg and a guy very close to the podcast… Jared Haibon. They tell stories from Kaitlyn’s season that never made air.

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Release Date: 6/23/20

iHeart Synopsis: We’re celebrating Ben’s season of “The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever” with our first virtual live show! Ben and Ashley connect (digitally) with standouts from Ben’s season like Becca Tilley, Amanda Stanton, the Ferguson Twins and Leah Block. Plus, Mike Johnson gives us an update on his future with the franchise (Yes, we’re asking about him going on Clare’s season again. His reaction is still convincing!). Ben shares some behind the scenes secrets from filming his season. (Remember the pig date??)

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Release Date: 6/29/20

iHeart Synopsis: Ben and Ashley discuss the plans for Clare Crawley’s season as the show adapts to the COVID-19 pandemic. And this week on “The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons Ever,” we revisit JoJo’s season of The Bachelorette. Derek Peth, Wells Adams, Grant Kemp and Luke Pell are all on the podcast to reminisce with us. They chat about off camera moments, like Chad Johnson and the protein content of a pork bone, and a cheating Bachelorette.

Release Date: 7/6/20

iHeart Synopsis: Ashley and Ben watch Alex Michele and Trista Sutter’s seasons for the first time. They discuss how the show has evolved with Bob Guiney. He chats about the reputation Trista’s husband, Ryan, had in the Bachelor house. They’re also joined by Jamie Blyth, one of Trista’s contestants, to speak about having an anxiety disorder while filming The Bachelorette. He has spoken to Oprah about this in the past. Plus! Kaitlyn talks about Shawn and Clare gets the Bachelorette Bible.

Release Date: 7/13/20

iHeart Synopsis: When are Ben and Jess going to get married?! The original plan has changed. Ashley has some HUGE news about a change in here body and relationship coming up. Ben has an update on The Bachelor: Live on Stage and we go through all the hot Bachelor news. We break down the tension brewing between Colton & Cassie and we get some inside info on the resort that Bachelorette filming is taking place.

Release Date: 7/17/20

iHeart Synopsis: The Bachelorette will obviously look different this year…but the men are looking good! Ben and Ashley break down the list of new contestants just released. They give their first impressions of each man based on a single photo and give their early predictions as to who might make it to the top. Ashley has some dirt on cutie Chasen already. Is Colton dating Lucy Hale for real? Were the photos of them together from a fan or paparazzi?Pilot Pete moving in with Kelley and we have the details! Plus, we have a relationship status update for Victoria F and Chris Soules.

Release Date: 7/21/20

iHeart Synopsis: It’s time to relive all the drama from Brad Womack’s season! Ashley hangs out with some of the unforgettable ladies from Brad’s cast. Michelle Money spills the tea on locking Brad in a room! She gives an update on Brielle’s health and how her March accident and month long hospital stay has changed their relationship. After 10 years to reflect on her Bachelor edit and her youthful behavior, Michelle has some profound words about everyone being a villain in their life. We have an honest discussion with Ashley Spivey about inclusion in the franchise and how the show has evolved. Plus! The first person to ever kiss on The Bachelor, LaNease Adams, talks to us about the impact of being a black cast member early in the franchise and how the viewer response contributed to a deep depression and pill addiction.

Release Date: 7/28/20

iHeart Synopsis: Clare’s season has been filming for over a week now and it’s speculated that a good chunk of the men whose names and photos were released two weeks ago were eliminated BEFORE Clare even met them. Some of those who were allegedly sent home before filming will shock you. Ben and I thought that a handful would go FAR. Is Mike Johnson one of the guys who were flown to the set of The Bachelorette to possibly participate? Is he still in Palm Springs? Some of his recent social media activity (or lack thereof) will raise your brow in curiosity.

Release Date: 8/3/20

iHeart Synopsis: Ben and Ashley try to dissect what seems to be going on with the Bachelorette switcheroo rumors. Did Clare quit the show because she fell in love immediately? Will Clare stay quarantined at La Quinta? If Tayshia is replacing her as Bachelorette, will she have the same group of men Clare had? Will Tayshia have less than a month to choose a man? So many questions, so much speculation. Plus! Kevin Manno joins us to discuss his wife Ali Fedotowsky Manno’s GOAT episode. He expresses his feelings on her “one that got away,” Frank Neuschaefer.

Release Date: 8/11/20

iHeart Synopsis: Ashley speaks about the Covid safety precautions being taken at La Quinta. She also clarifies her possibly hypocritical points about love at first sight and Clare stepping away from her role as Bachelorette after supposedly just 12 days. Ben and Ashley explain how some of the Bachelor’s hottest topics recently haven’t been confirmed at the primary source. Tanya Rad from Scrubbing In joins us to talk about The Bachelor GOAT episode of Jason Mesnick’s season. She was OBSESSED. And we catch up with twin from Ben’s season, the Haley and Emily Ferguson. They tell us how their boyfriend’s video game playing actually helped their relationships!

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