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Are You As Cool As Your Instagram Makes You Look?

Are You As Cool As Your Instagram Makes You Look?

I know my Instagram makes me look cooler than I really am. Just this week I showed off meeting a teen idol at an advanced movie screening, meeting John Legend at his album release listening party, a throwback from our fancy vacation villa, and a free Disneyland trip with my Bachelor Fam. Ok, yes, my life is pretty kickass at the moment and I’m so thankful for all the cool experiences my exposure on the Bachelor has allowed. However, I didn’t post a photo of me editing the below video on my couch, or my makeup free/greasy haired self at a meeting yesterday, almost getting in a physical fight with my sister, etc…

Peacocking on social media is all about feeding the ego (and honestly for me, it’s business). Don’t deny it. You’ve felt tempted to delete a photo with minimal likes. That low-liked Insta made you second guess yourself. Your ego was bruised. Ego is important for human kind. It drives us and it makes for competition. In our ego driven, social media obsessed culture, our hearts are often left starving. How about next time you go out to a nice dinner or to a bar with your friends, you make it more about connecting and communicating and less about ending the night with a handful of potential instas. Ugh, I know.

Watch my friend Blaise Beyhan of the band Miss You further discuss how affected we are by social media.


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