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The Almost Famous Podcast Premiere

The Almost Famous Podcast Premiere

Because one podcast just wasn’t enough for me, I’ve teamed up with Ben Higgins for a new iHeart Radio podcast called Ben & Ashley I.: Almost Famous. A couple of months ago, our mutual friend, a booker at iHeart came to us with this podcast idea. She wanted to get a girl and a guy from The Bachelor franchise to talk about not just the show, but also pop culture and relationships and ya know, life in general.

Both Ben and I are known to be expressive and feel comfortable broadcasting our thoughts and feelings to an audience. We have similar family values. We are traditionalists. We are sensitive. We are hopeless romantics. Despite being similar at our cores, people think of us as opposites. Ben is poised and keeps his emotions in check. I’m sort of a beautiful mess of feelings. He’s more reserved and politically correct, and I’ll say anything. He could be the next JFK and I, well, couldn’t pull off Jackie. We think our personalities together will make for some interesting conversations and we really hope you enjoy hearing our rapport!

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