Colton’s Season Recaps: Week 8

On Access Live, I explained to Kit and Scott why I thought Luke was peacocking. Then I headed over the the Access digital suite to do a full recap with my fiancé and producer Tricia. Who is the guy that has us more hyped? Which eliminated guy could end up in Paradise? In which moments do we feel Hannah shines the most? All the answers in the video below.

I reveal which guy I think is going to LOSE HIS COOL soon in my Cosmopolitan recap: Hannah Shows a Cheater the Door

Yeah, Tyler is hot, but I’m so weary of him. Find out why in my Week 1 FabFitFun Snapchat Recap.

Lance Bass Interview

I truly believe that *NSYNC was the first love of my life. They made the air smell fresher and put stars in my eyes. I used to quiz my parents on Lance’s favorite candy bar as a 6th grader and now I get to interview him at Access. Dreams do come true, people.

In this interview, Lance explains how Boy Band mogul Lou Pearlman screwed over *NSYNC (and the Backstreet Boys) in the late 90s and how they were able to break free of his unfair contract. You can learn about all of Pearlman’s massive scams in The Boy Band Con: The Lou Pearlman Story, which Lance produced over the past three years.

Colton’s Season Recaps: Week 10

Access Live:

I think Colton made the best move he could make for himself by knocking on Cassie’s door and asking for more time to see their relationship through. I explain how sometimes the chase can pay off, especially post-Bachelor Bubble, with Kit and Scott on Access Live.

Hannah B. may not always be the most articulate, but she’s always true to herself. If you’re worried she’s going to be too awkward to the lead roll, I think I might convince you otherwise in the Access Live video below.

Access’s The Bachelor- The Morning After:

After Cassie dumped him, Colton told Chris Harrison that he thinks she really loves him, but is just scared. Is this delusional or have scenes that prove this been cut out? Danielle M., Bibiana, Tricia and I discuss below.

Cassie seemed like a completely different person on the after show. Krystal, Chris, Tricia, and I discuss her new energy and self assuredness and where we think that’d come from in the finale recap below.


Just because Cassie wasn’t sold on Colton immediately, doesn’t mean their love isn’t real now. I take their situation very personally in my Cosmopolitan Recap: Colton and Cassie’s Love Is Real. Trust Me, I’d Know.

FabFitFun Recap:

Was it weird for Cassie to see her bestie Caelynn so upset at the Women Tell All over her boyfriend? I’m further convinced those tears were hammed up now after knowing she’s flown out to see Cassie in California many times and has even hung out with Colton before the tell all. All these thoughts and more in my FabFitFun Snapchat Recap Week 10.

Women Tell All Interviews

This was one of the juiciest Women Tell All episodes in memory. Katie finally was able to tell what she heard Cassie and Caelynn talking about. Demi basically got assaulted by Courtney. Is Onyeka a bully or is Nicole “a psycho?” Are Caelynn’s tears real or is it an act to be Bachelorette? How does Colton feel about the women of his season after watching his season back?! I try to get all of these answers in the interviews with Access below.

Pre-Women Tell All Taping:

7 hours later…Post Women Tell All Interviews

Colton’s Season Recaps: Week 9

Access Live:

Natalie jumps over the fence in the Access studio when she finds out how many more hours of The Bachelor is left this season. I discuss with the hosts how Colton doesn’t even have the option of going after Tayisha and Hannah G. after Cassie leaves.

Following Women Tell All, I chat with Kit and Scott about how I don’t buy Caelynn’s tears.

Access: The Bachelor – The Morning After:

Jade, Tanner, Jared, and I point out something about Cassie and Colton’s conversation that you probably wouldn’t have noticed if you haven’t been on the show.

Should women who were eliminated night 1 or night 2 get involved with the drama at Women Tell All? Kristina Schulman joins us for The Morning After to discuss.


I write what I wish Cassie had told Colton that fence jumping night in my Cosmopolitan Recap: Is Colton Out of Options?

The discuss the pacifier assault on Demi at Women Tell All in my Cosmopolitan Recap: Of Fake Tears and Pacifiers

FabFitFun Snapchat Recaps:

What happened during Tayisha’s fantasy suite? It seemed like something weird happened in there based on her attitude the next morning. Jared and I speculate in the Week 9 Part 1 FabFitFun Snapchat recap.

Jared and I explain why Nicole and Onyeka’s drama needs to end before Paradise in the Week 9 Part 2 FabFitFun Snapchat recap.