Our Cinematic Wedding Day

Jared and I have posted a ton about our wedding thus far on social media and plan to continue to post about it, basically, forever. I wanted to condense all the wedding photos and details in a blog post for you guys that want to see if all or want to use our fabulous vendors for your event in the future. Troy Williams, of SimplyTroy, is our friend and the greatest wedding planner on this planet. If you’re looking for a wedding planner, stop the search now. There is no one more detail oriented. Victoria Beckham once compared him to JLo in the wedding planner. That’s all you really need to know, right? Our entire vendor list can be found at the end of in THIS article at StyleMePretty.com. The article/interview pretty much did all the work of putting together a blog entry for me. StyleMePretty lists every detail you could ever want to know about our Newport, Rhode Island wedding, including a timeline of the evening.

People Magazine documented the August 11th weekend in the following articles…

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Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon Are Honeymooning in Italy — See Their Sweet Pics

Inside Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon’s Picture-Perfect Honeymoon in Greece

Ashley Iaconetti Says Husband Jared Haibon ‘Looks Sexy’ Wearing His Neil Lane Wedding Band

Our uber talented photographer Rebecca Yale and her team followed the wedding party for the three-day wedding weekend. You can see all the moments, faces, and decor they captured HERE.

Our incredibly kind and skilled videographers, Le Reve, put together a video of our wedding and wedding weekend festivities and projected it on a screen at our reception.

This is that video.

This is that video PLUS our reactions while watching the video at our reception.

Here is our official wedding video produced by Le Reve:

Our wedding was inspired by romantic cinema and my bridal shower was similarly themed featuring plenty of references to my favorite romcoms. Like our wedding, it was a full on production organized by BeInspired. Photographer Jenny Quicksaill got it all on camera and you can see it HERE. People Magazine wrote this article about the bridal shower, which took place at The Garland Hotel in North Hollywood. Us Weekly followed the party via Instagram and documented it here.

Are You Tired Of Us Yet?

Up until the past week or so, Jared and I have been non-stop since announcing our relationship in May via “The Story of Us.” We’ve been so blown away how supportive and sweet people have been towards our unconventional love story. We appreciate every single kind comment written or spoken to us.

This week we’ve gotten to start some new TV shows (I’d highly recommend You on Lifetime) and fall asleep on the couch in the middle of movies we’ve rented on Amazon. It’s been niiice! I’ve also gotten to catch up on this blog.

Sometimes I compile stuff here on the blog just for my own sake, like it’s a diary. This may be one of those posts, unless you want to watch hours of Jared and I gushing over one another. If you don’t, just know this self-obsessed seeming collection of our interviews over the past five months is to show the kids one day…and wedding vendors when we’re trying to negotiate publicity deals…

Our Proposal:

Glamour’s Friendship Test:

Us Weekly’s Newlywed Game:

Ellen’s Compatibility Test:

Good Morning America engagement announcement:

Good Morning America Interview:

People TV on Set of Engagement Shoot:

Access Interview After Announcing That We’re Together:

Access Announces Engagement:

Access Post Engagement:

Women’s Health:

Barstool Sports Dating Announcement:

Entertainment Tonight Dating Announcement:

Entertainment Tonight Pre-Engagement Interview:

Entertainment Tonight Post-Engagement Interview Clips:

Entertainment Tonight Red Carpet Day Week of Engagement:

Entertainment Tonight Romantic Things:

Entertainment Tonight Wedding Planning:

Entertainment Tonight Canada Pet Peeves:

E! Dating Announcement:

E! Post Engagement Interview:

E! Post Dating Announcement at Wango Tango:

E!’s Most Likely Game:

E! on Quick Engagements:

E! at ABC Upfronts Talking Wedding Plans:

E! Talking About Our Future Kids:

Extra Interview Where I Sound Like A Failing Pageant Contestant:

Extra Newly Dating Interview at Wango Tango:

Extra Interview Post Engagement:

Extra Rapid Fire Quiz:

Extra at the iHeart Festival Talking Eloping and Ashton & Mila:


Our Love

One of the reasons Jared and I taped and produced our episode of The Story of Us is so we wouldn’t have to explain repeatedly how our friendship evolved into love. It’s a long story and it’s complex. So that being said, if you’re curious, watch The Story of Us below.

The Story of Us

I’ve always been fascinated by how couples met and evolved their relationship. I love meet cutes, first date descriptions, first kiss stories, first “time” experiences, and proposal moments. I always thought it would be a cool idea to collect these stories and create a compilation book, like a Chicken Soup for the Soul book with interesting meet stories. Instead I was given the opportunity to produce and host my own show on the topic with Kinetic Content (The company that created Married At First Sight and 90 Day Fiancée.) It’s called The Story of Us.

I love how my parents met. It was 40 years ago on January 31st. My dad used to admire my mom from afar as she worked at a makeup counter at a New Jersey mall. On her 20th birthday, he ran into her at a bar and said, “I’ve been watching you.” Naturally freaked out, my mom gave him the cold shoulder. A couple hours later, he came back up to her table to apologized. They saw each other every day for a year from the day they met. They married 2.5 years later and have now been married for 37 years. My dad is still in awe of my mom every day like he was at the mall.

Another one of my favorite meet stories…Two of our good family friends (and now their kids) wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for their dad dialing the wrong number! Yep! Their dad got the wrong number, and their mom said, “You sound cute.” They had chemistry over the phone and then met in real life. They got married and had two daughters!

Inspired by these kinds of stories, on The Story of Us I will sit down with eight couples and listen to them share all the milestones in their relationship. Think about the short interview clips that run throughout When Harry Met Sally. If you listened to our I Don’t Get It podcast episode about romantic comedies, you know I feel like Hollywood is in a draught as far as telling these love centric, uplifting stories go. Creating this show is my small contribution to ending this draught. I figure I may not be able to write a screenplay, but I can interview people and few people have as much romantic curiosity as I do.

Here are the first three episodes…

Episode 1: It Takes Two

Episode 2: It Feels Like The First Time 

Episode 3: Can’t Help Falling In Love

Episode 4: It Takes Two

Episode 5: All Is Fair In Love & War

Episode 6: A Day in the Life

Episode 7: Let’s Talk About Sex

Blooper Reel

Chapter 8: Keepin’ It Real 

Chapter 9: Together Forever?

Chapter 10: Happily Ever After



Episode 58: The Five Stages of A Relationship – In the study of intimate relationships, there are five stages of developing and strengthening a relationship and five stages of a relationship disintegrating. You’ll get to know the status of your relationship better by learning these steps. Learning this will help you determine what you have to possibly look forward to or how to salvage (or end!) a relationship that’s on the wrong track.

In addition to these, Professor Jen Emard (Professor of communications) explains the best way to for millennials to solidify a relationship and help it intensify. (Remember when I used the word solidly a zillion times on BIP? Haha.) This podcast isn’t just for people involved romantically. These stages also occur in friendships.

New episodes of the I Don’t Get It podcast are uploaded to iTunes every Monday morning. If you’re an Apple user, please subscribe HERE so that the new podcast is delivered to you automatically each week. If you’re not an Apple user, please visit out podcast home page HERE.