Hannah’s Season Recaps: The Finale

Welp. Hannah’s season is over and she is single…I totally was not expecting this. This week at Access, Producer Lauren, joins Tricia and I on the couch to help us try to comprehend what just went down between Jed and Hannah and then Tyler and Hannah on After the Final Rose. I know I keep comparing her final decision to the movie Enchanted but it seriously fits so perfectly. Tricia and Lauren agree with me that from what we’ve seen so far, Tyler is just as great in real life as he comes across on the show. Tricia literally almost fell off the couch when I mentioned that I was going to record my podcast with him. Watch us summarize this weeks two part finale on: Why Ashley Iaconetti Thinks Hannah B. Should Get Another Shot At Being ‘Bachelorette”
Jed getting out of the car with the guitar was just the cherry on top when it comes to how I feel about that man. Maybe if I wasn’t watching him with “liar-goggles” I would have appreciated that moment a little more. In my opinion Jed isn’t ready to me a married man anyways. You can read the rest of my thoughts in my final Bachelorette recap of Hannah’s season Cosmopolitan article: Unhappily Ever After 

In my final FabFitFun snapchat recap for Hannah’s season, I explain how it was so obvious that Hannah’s connection with Jed was so much deeper than the one she had with Tyler. While I see her and Tyler dating for a bit, I do not think that they are ultimately a perfect match. I am hoping that we will be seeing a lot more of the two of them… maybe Tyler as the next Bachelor and Hannah in Paradise next year?

Hannah’s Season Recaps: Men Tell All

I head back to the Access couch this week to rehash the drama from Hannah’s Men Tell All… which honestly felt more like a Luke P. Tell All in my opinion. Daniella Monet adds her perspective into the mix, saying that she thinks Tyler, Jed and Peter handled the situation at the rose ceremony well, but Hannah would have been just find on her own… I mean moving that podium? MAJOR power move!! We also talk about how inconsistent Luke P was when sharing his feelings. He begs for closure then at Men Tell All, where you are suppose to be able to find your closure but he wasn’t able to be honest with himself therefore once again he came off as a calculated, manipulative narcissist. OK ENOUGH about Luke! It is obvious that they brought Mike up to the stage as a little audition for becoming the Bachelor. Daniella disagrees with me when I say that I don’t think he would be a great pick… #sorrynotsorry. We also touch on the Paradise tease, which as always did not disappoint. There was just so much to discuss! Watch it now on The Bachelorette: The Morning After.

What ever sense of self awareness Luke P had left, he lost at Men Tell All. In my Cosmopolitan recap ‘Bachelorette’ Season 15, Men Tell All Recap: Luke P. Makes History I try to understand why Luke felt the need to attend a rose ceremony he wasn’t invited to… and once again Hannah stands up for herself like the fierce Bachelorette that she is. 

I obviously am not a fan of Luke P but I do think that Hannah and even Bachelor Nation as a whole was a little hard on him at Men Tell All. I go in to specifics in my FabFitFun recap.

Hannah’s Season Recaps: Week 9

Kirpa and I break down the hometown visits this week at Access. We even talk about how our families would act if we had made it to hometown dates during our seasons. I don’t think my family is capable of being as serious and invested as Peters family. His family was so emotional but coming from me… is there ever such thing as “too emotional”? Tyler’s hometown was also full of heartfelt moments especially when he was reuniting with his father. I think I almost cried a little, it was so sweet and genuine! Watching it made me fall for him all over again (for Hannah obviously). We also bring up the fact that Luke was actually likable this week? I know I am surprised that I am saying that too. Then things get a little rocky. Jed’s family was really negative about the fact that Jed fell for bachelorette “process” and wasn’t just using it as a career booster. It was strange to me how it seemed like they were putting his career ahead of his relationship. By the end of this episode me and Kirpa are still unable to decide whether Peter or Tyler would make better Bachelors! I can confidently say that as long as it is one of them, next season is going to be good. Watch us break it all down below in The Bachelorette: The Morning After below.

Hometowns are always dramatic. I think that when you see how someone acts around their family you get a better sense of who they truly are. I dive deep into Hannah’s trips at all her men’s hometowns this week in my Cosmopolitan article: Jed’s Family Was NOT Here for Hannah B.

In this week 9’s FabFitFun snapchat recap, Jared and I do the recap from the road again and I get a little controversial when I start talking about Jed’s hometown. I needed to get it all off my chest! I couldn’t believe how condescending his mom was when talking to Hannah! So if you want to hear the rest of my unfiltered thoughts about Jed.

Hannah’s Season Recaps: Week 8

I was off from Access this week, so you’ll only get my thoughts on this week’s Bachelorette episode through two mediums. Haha. I ponder every question any Bachelorette fan could have after seeing the “____ and I fucked in a windmill” teaser in my Cosmopolitan article: Is Tyler C. Too Good To Be True?

In this week 8’s FabFitFun snapchat recap, Jared explains what he thinks Tyler meant when he said failed in his last relationship. We speak about the surprising amount of windmills in Santorini, which means that the windmill sex may not have happened in the capital of windmills, The Netherlands. Jared and I also discuss what we think Hannah should do if she ends up picking accused cheater, Jed.

Hannah’s Season Recaps: Week 7

This week at Access, Kendall Long and Grocery Store Joe join me on the couch to discus Hannah’s search for love. Joe brings up some valid points that may have swayed me away from giving Jed any benefit of the doubt. Following the cheating allegations in combination with his constant promotion of music on the show, I think he’s a phony baloney. He’s not only most likely playing Hannah, but he’s played all of us up until this point! We also talk about Peter and Hannah’s one-on-one where a sauna turned into a steam room and the naked bungee jumping. It was nice to see Hannah back in good spirits this week…probably because she ingested a solid about of spirits. Watch us break it all down in The Bachelorette: The Morning After below.


Will we ever be able forgive Jed for coming on the show with a girlfriend back home or is he screwed forever in Bachelor Nation’s opinion? In my Cosmopolitan recap ‘Bachelorette’ Season 15, Episode 7 Recap: Is Jed a Bigger Villain Than Luke P.? I try to determine: Is it possible that Jed had a change of heart and is really falling for Hannah or am I playing devil’s advocate way too hard?


I get why Luke would be jealous or ticked or even morally disagree with Hannah naked bungee jumping with another man, but I explain where he totally crossed the line in my Week 7 FabFitFun recap.