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Colton’s Season Recaps: Week 9

Colton’s Season Recaps: Week 9

Access Live:

Natalie jumps over the fence in the Access studio when she finds out how many more hours of The Bachelor is left this season. I discuss with the hosts how Colton doesn’t even have the option of going after Tayisha and Hannah G. after Cassie leaves.

Following Women Tell All, I chat with Kit and Scott about how I don’t buy Caelynn’s tears.

Access: The Bachelor – The Morning After:

Jade, Tanner, Jared, and I point out something about Cassie and Colton’s conversation that you probably wouldn’t have noticed if you haven’t been on the show.

Should women who were eliminated night 1 or night 2 get involved with the drama at Women Tell All? Kristina Schulman joins us for The Morning After to discuss.


I write what I wish Cassie had told Colton that fence jumping night in my Cosmopolitan Recap: Is Colton Out of Options?

The discuss the pacifier assault on Demi at Women Tell All in my Cosmopolitan Recap: Of Fake Tears and Pacifiers

FabFitFun Snapchat Recaps:

What happened during Tayisha’s fantasy suite? It seemed like something weird happened in there based on her attitude the next morning. Jared and I speculate in the Week 9 Part 1 FabFitFun Snapchat recap.

Jared and I explain why Nicole and Onyeka’s drama needs to end before Paradise in the Week 9 Part 2 FabFitFun Snapchat recap.

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