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The Bachelorette 2020: Almost Famous & Recaps

The Bachelorette 2020: Almost Famous & Recaps

Week #1

Almost Famous Episode: Clear Eyes, Full Hearts

Release Date: 10/13/20

iHeart Synopsis: Ashley explains her feelings on “love at first sight.” Did Clare experience it with Dale? Ben and Ashley discuss who else stood out to them on Night #1. Robert Graham tells us what’s going on between him and Kristina Schulman. Kelsey and Mykenna from Peter’s season open up about the show’s effect on their mental health. Mykenna explains why she’s not watching Clare’s season. Plus, all the tea on Krystal Nielsen’s new relationship and what Luke Parker faces for breaking his contract!

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Week #2:

Almost Famous Episode: Coast Is Clare

Release Date: 10/21/20

iHeart Synopsis: Was Ashley & JP Rosenbaum’s split due to differing politics? Grocery Store Joe shares his thoughts on the shocking split by revealing personal insights about his breakup with Kendall. Is it ever just one thing that breaks a couple up? Was it really just about which city to live in for him. Plus! Joe talks about his dating life and breaking quarantine for Kendall. One of Clare’s closest friends, Michelle Money breaks down this week’s Bachelorette episode with Ben and Ashley. Why did no one steal Clare during group date #1?? Was she too dramatic in that moment? They talk about double standards in regards to the naked dodgeball date. Of course, the group discusses Brandon’s cringe exit.

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Week #3:

Almost Famous Episode (Wednesday): I Can See Clare-ly

Release Date: 10/28/20

iHeart Synopsis: Tayshia makes her entrance like a mermaid?! Actress Marika Domińczyk is a MAJOR Bachelor fan and she and her husband Scott Foley help Ben and Ashley recap this week’s episode of The Bachelorette! We give honest thoughts on: Clare’s focus on Dale, how she eliminated Zach, the unusual happenings at group dates, and how Tayshia will be as a “replacement Bachelorette.” Ben and Ashley get major life updates from Bachelor “villain” to bride and mom, Courtney Robertson! 

Almost Famous Episode (Friday): In-Depth with Benoit Beausejour-Savard

Release Date: 11/30/20

iHeart Synopsis: You know Benoit Beausejour-Savard from Bachelor Canada, Bachelor Winter Games, BIP and as Clare Crawley’s ex fiancé! Ben and Ashley go IN DEPTH with Benoit as he opens up about his “love at first sight moment” with Clare. Find out the TRUE reason their relationship fell apart and why their engagement wasn’t acknowledged at the start of Clare’s season. He explains why he thinks the scene he filmed with Clare for her season didn’t air. Plus, Beniot reveals the differences between “TV Clare” and the REAL Clare.

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Week #4

Almost Famous Episode (Monday): Be Clareful

Release Date: 11/2/20

iHeart Synopsis: Ben and Ashley connect with one of Clare’s closest friends, former Bachelorette Deanna Stagliano. She explains why the date she was supposed to be part of was cancelled. Plus, Deanna reveals what she knows of Clare and Dale’s emotions today. Blake Hortsmann reveals the truth about his relationship with Becca Kufrin and his thoughts on Garrett’s new girlfriend. 

Almost Famous Episode (Friday): Love is in the Clare

Release Date: 11/6/20

iHeart Synopsis: Ben and Ashley bring in the BIG DADDY, Chris Harrison, to break it all down all the decisions made during Clare’s final episode as Bachelorette. Chris clarifies when Tayshia was chosen as Clare’s replacement. He feels like Rob Mills got this moment wrong when he chatted with Nick Viall last week. Chris addresses the rumors that this whole switcheroo was planned from the start. Plus, Chris reveals if there have been any other Bachelor leads that secretly picked their person mentally on night #1. 

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Week #5

Almost Famous Episode: FlirTayshia

Release Date: 11/10/20

iHeart Synopsis: Ben and Ashley dig in to the first official episode of Tayshia’s season and we get their unfiltered reaction to Tayshia’s new guys…and guys whose names we didn’t know previously, like her early connection, Brendon. Plus, just how bad is Spencer gonna suck?We hear about the date Jared and Ashley hosted. We break down Clare &. Dale’s sit down with Harrison. Are we they on different pages about marriage and babies?

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Week #6

Almost Famous Episode (Tuesday Night): FanTayshia

Release Date: 11/17/20

iHeart Synopsis: Ben and Ashley talk to Bibiana Julian and get her to spill EVERYTHING about her new boyfriend. Life after The Bachelor hasn’t been easy for Bibi and she opens up about her struggles with mental health since appearing on the show. Kendall Long hops on to help break down this week’s episode of Tayshia’s season! Who looked worse? Ed or Chasen? How can Noah evolve into a villain? Where did Bennett f-up? Is Tayshia’s fave, Ben, feeling himself too much? We talk about it all.

Almost Famous Episode: An Almost Famous Friendsgiving 

Release Date: 11/20/202o

iHeart Synopsis: Ben and Ashley are hosting Bachelor Nation and they saved you a seat at the table! Krystal Nielsen gives us her first interview since she announced her pregnancy! She discusses her difficult first trimester. And get the inside scoop on when and how she met her new boyfriend! Wells Adams, Ben Flajnik and Chris Soules join in for some Thanksgiving recipes and plenty of Bachelor gossip too! Ashley awkwardly and hilariously talks to her former Bachelor about meat…

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