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The Bachelor 2021: Almost Famous & Recaps

The Bachelor 2021: Almost Famous & Recaps

Week #1

Almost Famous Episode: Game, Set, Matt

Release Date: 1/5/21

Podcast Description: Blake Horstmann joins Ashley & Ben to recap Matt’s premiere episode. They discuss why Matt might be the most endearing Bachelor and why his innocence in Bachelor process works. Ashley, Ben, and Blake chat about the power of the prayer Matt said at the beginning of the cocktail party. The crew breaks down which contestants are going far, which entrances worked best, and which are going to drive us nuts. 

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Week #2

Almost Famous Episode: Mattitude

Release Date: 11/12/20

Podcast Description: Ashley and Ben seriously discuss if there’s a chance Victoria is an actress. Ashley addresses the moment in the episode in which Matt didn’t act like The Bachelor in the best way. They also speculate why Matt seems to be giving Victoria’s claims about Marlynn so much validity. Plus! We have a Bachelor date analyst come on to explain the importance of screen time and social media following. She speaks about the trends between race and following. And! Bennett Jordan comes on the podcast and reveals whether or not he felt true love for Tayshia and if he regrets giving Noah that gift during their two-on-one.

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