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I Don’t Get It Podcast Episodes – February 2020

I Don’t Get It Podcast Episodes – February 2020

Episode 211: Ashley’s Moving!

Release Date: 2/1/21

Synopsis: Naz cries because Ashley and Jared are moving out of their place in LA to be vagabonds, as Elton John would say. Ashley discusses their home search in Rhode Island and what may have been screwing up their trying to conceive process over the past few months. Naz is dating a new guy! She expresses why she’s so fearful about the new relationship. Plus! The girls’ social media agent joins the ramble to chat about the job of being an influencer and the most diva moments he’s experienced working with celebrities. Oh, also, dishwashers are life changing. 

Episode 212: Developing and Maintaining Healthy Female Friendships

Release Date: 2/8/21

Synopsis: Certified friendship coach Danielle Bayard Jackson discusses how to strengthen your female friendships and create new ones beyond your school days. She explains how to best rid yourself of toxic friendships and how normal it is to grieve the loss of a friendship that has experienced a falling out. Jackson educates on how to effectively deal with a friend who is hurting your feelings or bugging the shit out of you. Plus, find out how to keep long distance friendships tight and how to connect to friends that are in a different phase of life than you’re in. However, in listening to this, you may realize these friendships have statistically run their course.

Episode 213: Sharting

Release Date: 2/15/21

Synopsis: This week Ashley & Lauren admit that they barely drive now that they’re in relationships. The girls also discuss their disdain for the word “sure”. The Free Britney movement, snowboarding, and gorilla glue come up, and of course it wouldn’t be an IDGI ramble if poop wasn’t part of the discussion too. Ashley tells Lauren a secret she’s held from her for a very long time. 

Episode 214: Ben Higgins Sexual Awakening

Release Date: 2/22/21

Synopsis: You get a different side to Ben Higgins on this podcast than you usually get on Ashley & Ben’s Almost Famous podcast. On this IDGI episode, Ben talks about his sexual awakening and explains why he was so good at giving kids aa sex talk on Kaitlyn’s season. Ben chats about the revelation that happened during his and Kaitlyn’s fantasy suite date. Ben speaks why his political ambitions have halted and discusses if he’d ever become a minister. He reveals when he knew Jess was the one for him and his reasoning resonates with Naz. 

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