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I Don’t Get It Podcast Episodes – March 2021

I Don’t Get It Podcast Episodes – March 2021

Episode 215: Rants With Feminist Liz

Release Date: 3/1/21

Synopsis: Ashley and Lauren’s best friend for the past 13 years Lizzie fills in for Naz this week. She complains about her lying, gaslighting ex who’s bad behavior she was blind to for two years. The girls discuss the idea of traveling solo after watching the Cecil hotel documentary on Netflix. Lizzie explains how being Irish Catholic causes her to push down her emotions and bottle up insecurities. Lizzie, Ashley, and Lauren are puzzled by the expressions like “screwed the pooch” and by the different ways of referring to sneakers (or tennis shoes?) throughout the country. And! Of course, it wouldn’t be a Lizzie podcast without some talk of The Jonas Brothers. 

Episode 216: Paris Hilton, Hannah Montana, and Chase Crawford

Release Date: 3/8/21

Synopsis: It’s a ramble! The IDGI ladies discuss how epic Paris Hilton’s 2006 album and how embarrassed we used to be listening to it. Lauren reveals how she met Chase Crawford during her NYC days. Naz and Ashley talk about watching Hannah Montana in their 20s and how inspirational that music was. Ashley & Lauren reveal they used to be in a girl band managed by Donnie Wahlberg and play their favorite track. 

Episode 217: Attachment Styles

Release Date: 3/15/21

Synopsis: Attachment styles are characterized by different ways of interacting and behaving in relationships. Knowing your attachment style can help you navigate dating and relationships in a more healthy way. The girls talk to psychotherapist Dr. Carder Stout and he diagnoses their attachment styles. Through his explanations, you’ll easily figure out which style applies most to you. Dr. Stout also advices how to love yourself better and reconnect with your soul which you can easily lose touch with in adulthood. 

Episode 218: True Life-I Hooked Up With My Teacher (When I Was Of Age)

Release Date: 3/22/21

Synopsis: Ashley was convinced as a teen she was going to marry her teacher because he loved American Idol as much as she did. She shares how that infatuation ended years later with sandwich flakes in his beard…and other gross stuff. The I Don’t Get It hosts speak with four ladies who hooked up with their teacher. One guest is now hookup buddies with her former ninth grade teacher, one girl hooked up with her professor while still in his college class, and a couple of the women married their teacher. If you’ve ever had a teacher crush, prepare for giddiness. (All the women featured in this podcast were consenting adults when the relationships developed.)

Episode 219: Decaf Coffee & Pancakes

Release Date: 3/29/21

Synopsis: How do they decaffeinate coffee? Can espresso be decaffeinated? Why did McDonald’s stop their all day breakfast? Why don’t we celebrate birthdays with pancakes? Do you blow your nose when you wake up? Lots of morning themed questions to ponder during this ramble episode. Plus, Lauren discusses what she does when she’s forced to be in the same room as someone she doesn’t jive with. Naz speaks about what she’s learned in the past year as she approaches her 31st birthday.

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