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Almost Famous – 2021 Spring Off Season

Almost Famous – 2021 Spring Off Season

Episode: Post Season Game Tape

Release Date: 3/22/21

Synopsis: It’s a day of hot topics! Just because Matt James’s season is over doesn’t mean the chatter about it ceases. Ben and Ashley discuss the conversation Michelle and Rachael had on After the Final Rose that wasn’t aired. It ended much differently than Rachael’s conversation with Matt. They also chat about another deleted scene from ATFR…Bri Spring’s sit down with Emmanuel Acho. Plus! Clare and Dale look to be still in love as they were caught kissing through their masks in NYC over Clare’s birthday week. 

Episode: Almost Famous In Depth with Dr. Joe Park 

Release Date: 3/29/21

Synopsis: Joe, a fan favorite from Clare/Tayshia’s season, goes deep with us. He explains why he thinks he’s one of few Asian men who have appeared on The Bachelor. He chats about how he got into medicine and goes into detail as to how he comforts kids going under anesthesia. Joe has a surprising answer when asked about Rob Mill’s tweet that seemingly confirmed the doctor’s participation in the upcoming BIP7. The Bachelorette alum discusses how his parents’ marriage has played a role in his search for love. 

Episode: Heather Weather

Release Date: 4/5/21

Synopsis: Ashley and Ben get a full debrief from Heather Martin on her time on Matt’s season. Did the producers pay for her plan ticket and hotel room? Did producers set up the minivan for her to pull up to Nemacolin in? Why was Heather cut out of the Women Tell All? Heather. Explains. It. All. Plus, Ashley and Ben give their first impressions of Katie’s crop of men and breakdown Bachelor hot topics, like Krystal’s labor and delivery and Lauren and Arie’s move to Hawaii. 

Episode: Redemption Story

Release Date: 4/12/21

Synopsis: Ben reveals a first-world, wedding planning catastrophe that his fiancée Jess has dealt with this week. Ashley explains all the drama that allegedly happened between Rachel and Matt during their week in NYC. Their rekindling quickly turned into another uncoupling because of another woman. Plus, Ben and Ashley discuss the new drama Dylan Barbour is sparking with the upcoming BIP cast, Victoria Fuller’s decision to stay celibate, and Bennett & Kit’s supposed West Village date night. 

Episode: Bachelor Breaking News – Colton Underwood

Release Date: 4/15/21

Synopsis: Lance Bass joins Ben & Ashley for a candid conversation about Colton Underwood and his recent announcement that he’s gay. Lance shares his story of coming out and how Colton’s journey could help the next generation. The *NSYNCer calls himself a gay guide and feels that he can very much relate to Colton as they both had religious upbringings and a healthy dose of female fanfare. 

Episode: Sunscreen in Paradise

Release Date: 4/29/21

Synopsis: Bennett Jordan joins the podcast this week and reveals how he asked Peter Weber for permission to date Kelley Flanagan in Paradise. Bennett lets us know whether or not he’s even chatted with Kelley herself yet. He also explains what went down between he and Kitt on a NYC drinks meeting. In this week’s headlines, Peter Weber tells how he wanted Hannah Ann to become Bachelorette and we give you details on Raven and Adam’s wedding. 

Episode: Order in the Court

Release Date: 4/26/21

Synopsis: We’ve got details on how this season is different without Chris Harrison and we have Cassie’s first comments on Colton’s coming out. Riley Christian (of Clare/Tayshia’s season) joins the podcast and we grill him on DM-ing Bachelorette Katie and who he’s interested in Bachelor Nation. Corinne also comes on the podcast and gives her unfiltered opinions on Colton. She also hilariously explains how she tells her boyfriend all the time that she wants to get engaged. 

Episode: The Long Game

Release Date: 5/3/21

Synopsis: Kendall Long, Ashley’s co-host this week, reveals how she’d feel if her ex Joe Amabile went on Bachelor in Paradise. She tells us if she still believes geography was the fundamental reason behind their breakup. DeVon Franklin joins us to speak about Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnnell’s reunion, the future of Chris Harrison’s position, and how the Bachelor in Paradise cast should emotionally prepare themselves for love. Plus! We speculate why Katie Thurston’s season ended filming a week early!

Episode: Bachelor Tea in 3D

Release Date: 5/12/21

Synopsis: Ben responds to the theory that he, Wells, Blake, Jared, Dean, and Nick were in Mexico shooting Paradise this past week. Ashley reacts to Caila Quinn’s comment about her BIP3 regrets and Kevin Wendt & Astrid Loch’s baby announcement. Plus, Ashley and Jared and Ben and Jess answer fan questions about their relationships. 

Episode: Engaging Engagements

Release Date: 5/17/21

Synopsis: There were four engagements amongst Bachelor Nation members this week! Kaitlyn Bristowe & Jason Tartick,  Sarah Herron, Haley Ferguson, and Sydney Hightower. With our  guest this week, former Bachelorette and wedding gown designer, Desiree Harstock, we imagine what style of wedding dress we see them walking down the aisle in. Plus! Colton gave some piping hot tea to Variety this week, including his stint on the gay dating app Grindr BEFORE ever appareling on a Bachelor franchise show. The headlines leave Ashley & Ben puzzled. 

Episode: What’s In The Box?

Release Date: 5/24/21

Synopsis: Sarah Herron calls into the podcast to tell us exactly how her now fiance Dylan proposed to her and why they’ve stopped trying to conceive naturally and started the IVF process. Ashley & Ben get interesting AKA quirky facts about Katie’s men and speculate why the bio photo for one contestant is just a gift box. Plus, this week’s hot topics include Kelley Flanagan telling Peter Weber to “get the hell out of her life” and the latest on Becca Kufrin and Blake Horstmann’s flirty friendship. 

Episode: Bartender Benny

Release Date: 5/2/21

Synopsis: Ben and Ashley discuss the uncertain future of The Bachelor franchise and how they feel weary about Katie’s season of The Bachelorette. Ben feels very differently about the Bachelor seniors spinoff. He wants to be the host or at least the bartender handing off Old Fashioned drinks in a Mr. Rogers sweater. Plus, Kelley Flanagan is a big hot topic again with her drama with Peter and her date night with Bennett. 

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