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I Don’t Get It Podcast Episodes – April 2021

I Don’t Get It Podcast Episodes – April 2021

Episode 220: Occupation Series – The Life of a Paparazzo 

Release Date: 4/6/21

Synopsis: Go behind the scenes of celebrity street journalism with Adam Glyn in the newest episode of the I Don’t Get It occupation series. He’s interviewed Oprah, Trump, Justin Timberlake while out and about, and Beyonce even asked him to be in her music video. Adam discusses how he separates himself from other paparazzi and how he finds celebrities out in the wild. He reveals who can be a little bitchy and who is always kind. We ask him specifically how our faves Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, Justin & Haley Bieber, and Zac Efron are in real life. This leads Adam to tell a story about drinking in a van with the whole One Direction crew.

Episode 221: It’s Stressful When People Don’t Prioritize Eating A Social Events

Release Date: 4/12/21

Synopsis: In this week’s ramble episode, the I Don’t Get It girls discuss the anxiety they get when people have them over for dinner and the food is far from being ready or when people take their time before ordering at restaurants. Also, Lauren prefers the bottom half of the bagel, Ashley doesn’t like ham, and Naz wants sex over food. The crew fires off about Rege-Jean Page’s departure from Bridgerton. Plus, Naz reveals what she’s learned from her most recent relationship and how it will change her dating life going forward.

Episode 222: To Death and Back

Release Date: 4/19/21

Synopsis: Stephanie Arnold of Netflix’s “Surviving Death” docuseries died on the operating room table for 37 seconds during a C-Section. Prior to this, she foresaw it happening for months leading up to her delivery date. Even more incredibly, she saw everything in detail that went down in the room during those 37 seconds. Her experience has fully convinced her that life continues after death. She joins the I Don’t Get It girls to describe her visions of the “other side” and along the way gives comfort and hope to those who have lost loved ones.

Episode 223: Notes To Our Past Lovers

Release Date: 4/26/21

Synopsis: In this ramble episode, Naz discusses her awful early morning flight back to LA because of someone who doesn’t know how to turn their phone on silent. Ashley talks about a new Sex and the City show rumor regarding Big’s return. Ashley reads a letter she wrote to Jared before going onto Bachelor in Paradise for the second time, which spurred on a flood gate of notes that each of the girls wrote to their past loves. You know when you’re about to send a risky text you always have to draft it in your notes beforehand. Tune in for all the heart-wrenching notes to past lovers. 

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