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I Don’t Get It Podcast Episodes – May 2021

I Don’t Get It Podcast Episodes – May 2021

Episode 224: A Doctor With A Sixth Sense

Release Date: 5/3/21

Description: Throughout the 25 years that Dr. Jeff O’Driscoll practiced emergency room medicine he saw spirits lift out of patients who died in his presence. He firmly believes that the visions of heaven that people claim to see during near death experiences cannot be explained by science. He has seen this magnificent light behind the spirits in the hospital. Dr. O’Driscoll has retired from healing physical bodies to healing the human spirit with his gifts. He shares comforting, emotional stories and his beliefs this week with the IDGI crew.

Episode 225: Life After Love! Lauren’s Engaged!

Release Date: 5/10/21

Description: Hunter joins Lauren, Ashley & Naz to walk through the story of how he and Lauren met and fell in love. From seventh grade to engagement, they discuss how they connected, disconnected and then reconnected proving everything really does happen for a reason. The girls also discuss whether or not you should keep in contact with someone you love and aren’t with, and how past loves help you learn, heal, and ultimately lead you to forever. Thanks to Cher and Lauren’s story, we finally believe in life after love. 

Episode 226: Beware of These Facilities For Troubled Teens

Release Date: 5/17/21

Description: If you watched the This is Paris documentary on YouTube, you’ll know right away what this podcast episode is about. Paris’s parents had her taken by burly men in the middle of the night and brought to a “correctional facility” for troubled teens in the middle of nowhere. At this “school” she was physically and mentally abused and was even put in solitary confinement. Our guest on this episode, Joshua Scarpuzzi experienced something very similar and has founded a non-profit Breaking Code Silence to bring awareness to these facilities where thousands of teens across the country are still being tormented. Most parents who send their child away to these schools have no idea what actually occurs at them. 

Episode 227: I Don’t Get Why Men Make Golf A Job

Release Date: 5/24/21

Description: In this ramble episode, Ashley, Lauren, and Naz rant about how men make it seem like playing golf is a job that must be accomplished and a tee time can never be cancelled. The girls reveal that they cry during the national anthem and question the sympathy they have for those who “cry” without tears. Plus! Is Naz Team Aiden now as she rewatches Sex and the City?!

Episode 228: The COVID-19 Vaccine & Pregnant Women/Women Trying To Conceive

Release Date: 5/31/21

Description: So why is it that pregnant women can’t eat a cold cut sandwich, but they can be injected with a vaccine that hasn’t been FDA approved and has existed for less than a year? Is there a certain point in my cycle or pregnancy in which it’s safest to get the vaccine? What’s up with so many women experiencing period changes after getting the vaccine? You’ll get the answer to these questions and many more in this podcast. Four female doctors of different medical backgrounds with different perspectives are interviewed in this podcast about the appropriateness of the COVID-19 vaccine for those pregnant and trying to conceive. This podcast episode is intended to give women the facts they need on the COVID-19 vaccine to help them make the best decision for them.

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