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I Don’t Get It Podcast Episodes- June 2021

I Don’t Get It Podcast Episodes- June 2021

Episode 229: The Jenaissance

Release Date: 6/7/21

Description: The girls are back IRL for the first time in almost a year. They discuss everything from CHEUGY, Bennifer, to why giraffe’s make Lauren cry. The women also discover that we are living through a Jennifer Aniston renaissance, how your physical “type” can change, and how youth is wasted on the young. From Machine Gun Kelly to laziness, this ramble’s got everything you need to kill an hour of your time, and have you asking yourself if you’re chuegy or not. 

Episode 230: Social Anxiety with Tik Toker Lily Sais

Release Date: 7/14/21

Description: Do you have no idea what to say at a dinner party, wedding, or any social event when you have to meet new people? This podcast is designed to help you navigate all those awkward situations. We have Tik Tok star, and school psychologist Lily Sais on to help us better understand why we feel nervous or anxious when we encounter new people. Lily also gives insight to why we develop OCD tendencies when anxious.

Episode 231: Relationships, Are You Sure You Want One?

Release Date: 7/21/21

Description: Ashley, Jared, & Naz talk to Simone Milasas on how control is ruining relationships. Simone is the author of Relationship: Are You Sure You Want One?, which she co-authored with her now ex-partner Brendon Watt, with whom she is still very close friends (that’s right: Simone says you really CAN be friends with an ex). They discuss ways in which control kills relationships, and if you can be friends with an Ex.

Episode 232: Nuances & Mercury in Retrograde

Release Date: 6/28/21

Description: Naz discusses how she’s navigating life post-pandemic. She wants to leave the house, but doesn’t at the same time. She’s lonely, but wants to be alone. Naz is craving more meaning in her life and possibly a move. Ashley and Naz don’t get how Lauren is so comfortable with lighters. Lauren doesn’t get why her fiancé orders shrimp wraps from Tropical Smoothie Cafe. Plus, we have astrologer Maisy Bristol to explain why Mercury in Retrograde ruins your life…ok, not really, but infringes on technology and communication and tells us what you can try to avoid during these periods of the year.

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