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I Don’t Get It Podcast Episodes- July 2021

I Don’t Get It Podcast Episodes- July 2021

Episode 233: WTF Is An NFT?

Release Date: 7/5/21

Description: The girls are joined by Blockchain Baddie Karsen Woods (@karsendaily) who breaks down what an NFT (non fungible token) is. She also discusses block chains, crypto currency, and how women can start to gain control of their finances through it all. Karsen makes it super easy to understand so even you can gain autonomy and maybe even get rich.

Episode 234: Lessons in Love

Release Date: 7/12/21

Description: Is it acceptable for your significant other to “like” or comment under another person’s bikini or provocative Instagram photo? Should you ask yourself while on a first date “is this my person?” Or just enjoy the other person without the thought of a further relationship? Is there a right way to get dressed getting out of the shower? All of these hard hitting questions will be discussed amongst the girls this week, as well as what the heck do compression socks do for blood circulation?!

Episode 235: Ashley Is Pregnant!

Release Date: 7/16/21

Description: Amazing news! Ashley is pregnant and she’s getting real about everything she’s been feeling. She explains how Amy Schumer has been a great support for her. Ashley shares how frustrated she is about the picture that media and social media paints about pregnancy. PLUS! She reveals when she is going to find out about the baby’s sex, all her pregnancy cravings and aversions! 

Episode 236: House Hunter

Release Date: 7/26/21

Description: Lauren’s fiancé Hunter comes on the podcast to break down the home buying process. He very easily describes what goes into a home inspection, explains what escrow means and how much money you should save up for a down payment on a home. He also discusses the housing bubble we are currently living through as well as pros and cons of buying vs building a home. This is the perfect “Home buying for dummies” introduction to home ownership.

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