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I Don’t Get It Podcast Episodes- August 2021

I Don’t Get It Podcast Episodes- August 2021

Episode 237: Dunkaroos & Naz on the Move

Release Date: 8/2/21

Description: Naz, Lauren, + Ashley are reunited. Ashley gives a pregnancy update, Lauren tells the latest on her wedding details, and Naz is moving. They also talk about orange soda and 90s kids snacks.

Episode 238: Naz’s Dad

Release Date: 8/9/21

Description: Naz’s Dad joins the I Don’t Get It podcast this week to discuss his I don’t get its, why he thinks Naz’s single, and what he wishes our generation would do more. Naz also shares some stories and anecdotes of what it was like growing up with her father and how it affected her in life and relationships after. Nothing like a good ol’ father/daughter relationship!

Episode 239: Flying Horror Stories

Release Date: 8/16/21

Description: You think you’ve been on a bad flight before? Have you been on a plane with a food poisoned Harvey Weinstein? Have you had your dogs lost in luggage? Have you had someone die a few row behind you mid-flight? Well, the guests on this podcast episode have. They have you thinking your delay isn’t all that bad, because these are some true travel horror stories.

Episode 240: Theme Parks, Beach Vacations, and Frugalness

Release Date: 8/23/21

Description: In this ramble episode, the ladies discuss their I don’t get its about theme parks. Lauren doesn’t get the appeal of beach vacations and explains why a bunch of early 20 somethings made her cry this week. Lauren and Naz make fun of Ashley’s frugalness and desire not to waste food.

Episode 241: Gen Z Fashion on TikTok

Release Date: 8/30/21

Description: GEN Z is here to help us with all our fashion needs and advice. The women sit down with Sydnee Grill (Takeout By Syd – is the name of her business and TikTok account ) who gives anyone in the world access to personal styling and shopping services starting at $30 on Tik Tok! Syd is revolutionizing the stylist game and discusses what fall trends are in and what’s cheugy. They also talk to gender defying stylist on Tik Tok: Hunter Torr, about where he pulls his fashion inspo from, and what fashion advice people go to him for the most on Tik Tok.

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