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The Almost Famous Podcast- Katie Thurston’s Season

The Almost Famous Podcast- Katie Thurston’s Season

Episode: Feeling The Vibes With Katie Thurston

Release Date: 6/7/21

iHeart Synopsis: Our new bachelorette is here and talking with Ben and Ashley to recap the episode. It’s the premiere of Katie’s season of The Bachelorette and the woman of the hour is here to spill all the tea with Ben and Ashley! Katie opens up about how her experience with Matt James changed the way she looks at relationships. And she reveals what ACTUALLY goes down in the top secret Bachelorette group text… with ALL the former leads! Plus, we explore what might happen if one of her contestants falls in love with Tayshia or Kaitlyn!

Episode: Bachelor Buzz

Release Date: 6/15/21

iHeart Synopsis: Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky joins Ben and Ashley for an inside look at Katie’s season so far. She drops some MAJOR secrets from the Bachelorettes only group chat. And she shares her theory of why we have 2 Bachelorettes back to back. Carl has revealed he’s not there for the “right reasons”, but Ben and Ashley think he’s not the only one. And we break down everything we know about the departure of Chris Harrison from the franchise.

Episode: Total Dramarama

Release Date: 6/21/21

iHeart Synopsis: Ben and Ashley check in with the 3rd Bachelorette in history, Jen Schefft! She gets real about her experience on the show and how things have changed 14 seasons later. Jen sticks around to help us recap this week’s episode of Katie’s season, including the trouble with Carl. Do you think Katie handled him the right way?? And, we finally have more information about Chris Harrison’s departure, and what the franchise will look like without him.

Episode: Back to Season 1

Release Date: 6/29/21

iHeart Synopsis: Ben and Ashley need some expert analysis for this week’s episode of The Bachelorette, so they head straight to the OG Bachelorette Trista Sutter. Trista opens up about her husband Ryan’s fight with Lyme Disease and how she’s handling the uncertainty of a lifelong diagnosis. And since Trista is the founding member of the Bachelorette group chat, we have to find out what advice she gave Katie! Plus, our intern Lauren has a connection to a contestant.

Episode: Make or Blake

Release Date: 7/5/21

iHeart Synopsis: Ben and Ashley pull some deep analysis on Blake’s role now that things are are getting heated on Katie’s season. Do you think the lead ever gets “starstruck” by contestants from another season? That may be happening with Katie and Blake. And Ben brings up a different point of view on an issue affecting many high profile members of Bachelor nation. 

Episode: Paradise Guest List

Release Date: 7/8/21

iHeart Synopsis: Ben and Ashley have an Almost Famous Special Report on the confirmed cast for season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise. Who was the biggest surprise?? What do you think will happen on the beach? And we hear this season includes some drama we’ve NEVER seen on The Bachelor before… what does that mean??

Episode: The Wack-A-Doo Challenge

Release Date: 7/13/21

iHeart Synopsis: DeAnna Pappas Stagliano (Season 4 Bachelorette) joins Ben and Ashley to give her take on Katie’s season so far. This week gave us one of the weirdest starts to an episode in franchise history… is the show running out of ideas?? Ben and Ashley share their honest thoughts the “fake wedding” scenes and how they can impact a relationship. Plus, Ashley has a major fangirl moment with a Backstreet Boy!

Episode: An Almost Famous Special – Ashley’s Having a Baby

Release Date: 7/19/21

iHeart Synopsis: Jared and Ashley have bundle of joy on the way and all their closest friends from Bachelor Nation are stopping by to celebrate! Amanda Stanton has some early pregnancy advice that Ashley seriously needs to hear. Becca Tilley and Tanya Rad try to squeeze out some intimate details about “the process”. And Nick Viall congratulates the growing family in a very Nick Viall way.

Episode: Hearts & Crafts 

Release Date: 7/19/21

iHeart Synopsis: We’re getting down to the final guys on Katie’s season and Ben and Ashley don’t know what to expect! What was going on during the date with Greg? Why did it feel so disconnected? Did you feel ANY chemistry at all? Hear Ben and Ashley’s reaction to the very strange art the guys created and why it could have been a beautiful moment. Plus, Ben and Ashley reveal their expert predictions of which guy is going to leave before the season ends!

Episode: Desiree Tells All

Release Date: 7/26/21

iHeart Synopsis: Ashley hangs out with season 9 Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock for some mom-to-mom (to be) chats and all the tea from Katie’s Men Tell All. Who will Katie choose?? Do we believe that Blake is really “falling in love” with Katie? Find out which of the guys Desiree singled out as a “master manipulator.” And we get a (too) intimate look at how Ashley’s pregnancy is going!

Episode: Ben’s Hot Mess of an Engagement Party

Release Date: 7/31/21

iHeart Synopsis: We’re throwing an engagement party for Ben and Jess, but it turned out more like a bachelor party straight out of The Hangover! Our Napa trip got cancelled, but Dean, Caelynn, Nick Viall and Tanya Rad went anyway! They’re all hanging with Ben and Jess virtually and are ready to party. Ashley’s doing her best to hold it together in between throwing up.And Wells comes in to save the day and hold it all together!

Episode: Roses By Gaslight

Release Date: 8/3/21

iHeart Synopsis: We’re almost at the end of Katie’s season and we haven’t seen any teasers, promos, or ANYTHING about a ceremony! Ben and Ashley share their wildest theories about how the season will end. Okay, there is some major gaslighting going on from Greg, so we bring in psychologist Dr Hillary Goldsherr (@drhillaryla) to help explain why he does the things he does. And Ashley hits a huge milestone in her pregnancy that could change EVERYTHING.

Episode: Great ExpecTayshia

Release Date: 8/5/21

iHeart Synopsis: Ashley sits down for an In Depth conversation with Tayshia Adams as we prepare for Katie’s finale! You’ll learn everything about what makes Tayshia tick as she reveals secrets no one has ever heard before. Hear the latest on her relationship with Zac and find out if she thinks they can go the distance! 

Episode: Justin Time

Release Date: 8/10/21

iHeart Synopsis: Ben and Ashley are getting all the tea from Katie’s runner up Justin Glaze! He’s spilling EVERYTHING about some intimate moments with Katie that we never saw. Find out why things might have gone totally different if not for the Fantasy Suites! And Justin reveals the REAL reason why we won’t see him in Paradise. Plus, could Jennifer Aniston be the next host of The Bachelor??

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